Binh Duong Green Book 2020

KDK Electric WIre Co., Ltd. received new joy when being included in the list of enterprises honored in the Green List of Binh Duong province in 2020.
Aiming at honoring well-complied enterprises in environmental protecton and creatng good incentves for the improvement of environmental management for polluton makers/industries and increasing bigger number of good industries in the coming years, Binh Duong DONRE will continue to compile and publish “Binh Duong Green Book, 2020” and send to mass media, TV and radio, social – economic organizatons, industries, departments, sectors and mass organizatons to use as reference document for beter and deeper disseminaton in the community.

KDK’s products are manufactured on Japanese technology lines, supervised according to ISO standards, thereby not only ensuring the production process is environmentally friendly but also non-toxic to the use process. of consumers.

The project of constructing Binh Duong provincial Green Book 2020 has been initiated by Center for Observation and Technology of Resources adn Environment ever since July 2020 and fulfilled in August 2020. Ngo Quang Su said: “To encourage enterprises to better implement environment protection and increase the quantity of participating enterprises to the provincial Green Book, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment has proposed to the provincial authority to earn special policies for those enterprises listed in the Green Book. Besides, the budget is announced and preserved for praising enterprises in televised dissemination reports to introduce the green enterprises, which is helpful to broadcast their brands and for better tryouts of environment protection. Su added that the Department has suggested for widespread introduction of provincial Green Book to enterprises in the province so that more participants will join.

With this result, every customer can be completely assured when choosing products from KDK, not only high quality but also safe and friendly with the environment.

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